Our varieties

Sensory profile of our oil “Farga”

The sensory profile of our ancient oil corresponds to a green fruity oil medium to high intensity. On the palate It has a good balance between spicy and sweet, while the slight bitterness and astringency is low, it can sense light secondary aromas reminiscent of freshly cut grass, with hints of almonds and green walnuts. The aromatic complexity ranging between four and five secondary attributes that can be perceived and green shades are preferably (80-90%).

Sensory profile Regues variety, also called “Morrut”

A sensory level is a virgin oil with a potential medium-high fruity green type aromatic complexity with secondary connotations grass and hints of vegetables. The palate is spicy (without being obnoxious), with a final sense of “cool” because of its connotations vegetables.

Sensory profile of the variety “Canetera” at the time of collection

Fruity green type high, the mouth is bitter and pungent (usually above the values ​​considered unpleasant), with a clear and level astringency very light sweet. Oil rich in plant-type secondary aromas (olive leaves and garden plants and artichokes).